Making everyday carbon savings go further 

Organisations with social purpose such as community groups and NGOs undertake significant carbon saving activities. However, these organisations are often not rewarded for these carbon savings and struggle to secure funding. Exhibit C enables third sector organisations to accurately record, report and earn money from carbon-saving activities allowing organisations to sustain and scale their initiatives. 

How does it work?

Exhibit C develops bespoke carbon saving models for a wide range of third sector activities, for example, planting a tree, repairing a smartphone, or saving food from landfill. 

Third sector organisations can then track, manage, and log their activity via the Exhibit C platform to see their carbon savings. 

Organisations can then sell carbon savings as offsets to our corporate partners providing them with much-needed income.

Exhibit C user interface

Community groups and NGOs are highly active in carbon-saving activities, but beyond community energy, little of these savings are claimed. Exhibit C enables these activities to be monitored and valued, ensuring community groups earn income from their activities and providing corporations with access to verified offsetting activity delivered locally.

Our challenges

Addressing climate change

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, the stated objective of the Paris Agreement, unprecedented emissions reductions are required. Renewable energy and energy efficiency can only address 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To eliminate the remaining 45% hard-to-abate emissions, we need to transition to a circular economy (Ellen McArthur Foundation).  In providing additional income for third sector organisations, Exhibit C contributes to a low-carbon transition by ensuring that carbon positive behaviours can spread. 

Securing funding

Funding is a key challenge for third sector organisations despite their key contributions to economic activity. In Wales alone, voluntary activity contributes £3.8bn of gross value added through the activities of 32,000 organisations and 938,000 volunteers. By funding local third sector organisations for their carbon-saving activities, Exhibit C enables local organisations to sustain themselves.

Want to take part?

We are currently looking for new partners to get involved at all levels. If you’re a community organisation looking to monetise your carbon savings or a corporate organisation interested in offsetting, get in touch using the form below.